Why is it best to go with Duos when spending time with Cheshire Escort models?

14 Jan, 2021 webadmin

The holy grail of erotic encounters is a threesome. Many men want to have one girl at some point in their lives, but naturally it can be hard to transition into two. In terms of relation, for fear of jealousy, discomfort, and confusion it is not easy to introduce an additional partner into the equation. Fortunately, Escort model Cheshire has your needs in mind for any man who wants to see some girl-to-girl action they can take part in at any time.

Why Duos are better?

Two women working together implies an irresistible sense of trust. Something that can be hard to find with a single escort. Many are too attractive and beautiful to be considered due to the perfectly toned, shapely bodies of the majority of Cheshire Escort models. However, a natural sense of control is formed when two of these beauties get together. This has been a huge turnaround for many customers in Cheshire.

We firmly believe that variation is the spice of life. While some men prefer to blonde or brunette their ladies, a duo of escorts enables a customer to have ultimate fun, whilst enjoying night with the favorite girl.

Different combinations in Duos

Two different types of escorts are usually used in escort duos. The contrast duo is most famous. This includes two girls who are strikingly different, but still have a common feature in their physical appearance. For instance, in their early twenties these could be two slender Escort models in Cheshire, but one may be a small, perky blonde and the other may be busy brunette with enhanced breasts. This is perfect for customers with their favourite lady type who are open to exploration. When he’s a blonde guy, a duo of contrasts will allow him to feel pleased with an innocent blonde and sample the delights of a brunette at the same time. This is the world’s best enjoyment that he can have!

There’s a similar duo, alternatively. This could be two curvy redheads with a tendency to dominate. Both escorts shall have similar size, shape and body, enabling customers to receive twice as much pleasure of their preferred lady type.


Many of the Cheshire Escorts are lesbians as well. This is very important for duo escort partners because the customer’s overall satisfaction requires the attraction between two partners. That is why most escorts offer specific girls to offer a duo service. These are the girls they have experience with and they feel comfortable around them so that they can only work together naturally. In order to make the date more unforgettable, it is important for two lesbian escorts to be attracted towards each other.