Photography of a live football match

9 Feb, 2020 webadmin

Hi peeps and pals,

So guys here is Richard Williams back again. Each and every moment spent in Manchester has already started to get me besotted and my senses intoxicated. Probably I will never forget these days, these moments and these memories all my life. Last time when I wrote my experience, I narrated my experiences of day 4 in the city of Manchester when I did photography at pool parties of Manchester. I mentioned this in my previous write up as well that I’ve started to fall in love with this city and everything related to it, truly madly deeply. There was so much more to explore in the city and I couldn’t hold my horses anymore. My fourth day had gone all amazingly and I was looking forward for my fifth day to be amazing as well. I’m still all over again suggesting that, United Kingdom is one place to be visited and enjoyed out by every traveler irrespective of their age and profession. My previous experiences and my previous blogs gained love and appreciation from all my readers. Here I am writing again my further narration and my next experiences in the city of Manchester. However as an overwhelming appreciation to what hospitality I felt and what I got in the city of Manchester, I would like to mention here that Manchester I s a beautiful city which has got beautiful ladies in the form of Manchester escorts and if you are a man desiring for some stunning women, you are sure to enjoy here.

So a quick recap of day 4. I visited the best Pool Party of Manchester, The splash zone. I clicked some of the best candid pictures over there. My editor was already happy with my work and appreciated it whole heartedly. The experience was really nice, and now I am going to narrate my experience of day 5.

Day 5

The day started with the usual routine schedule. I opened my eyes up in the arms of my guest, the stunning Cheap Manchester Escort, after which we had some delicious breakfast together. I was reading the newspaper, suddenly I got to know that Manchester is hosting a much anticipated football match between Manchester United and Liverpool. I myself being a football wasn’t able to hold that excitement. I arranged for tickets and reached the Old Trafford stadium by after noon. The match had already begun and whole crowd was supporting their favorite teams. I was contantly clicking some of the best pictures of my life. It was a pleasure to click my favourite football stars. I too was enjoying my best. The premier league in Europe is totally a different experience from Major League soccer held in United States. At the end Manchester United won the match 3-1. It was evening by now. And I was still clicking pictures of the cheerful crowd leaving the stadium and going back to their homes. It was one of the best days of my Manchester trip. I had to go back earlier and work on the pictures which I clicked. So headed towards my hotel.