Manchester – The Mystery of History

9 Feb, 2020 webadmin

Manchester is city of amazing historic value and outstanding historic occurrences. What Mecca is to muslim people of the world, Manchester is for enthusiasts of history all over the world. Doesn’t matter if you want to pretend to be in Game of Thrones, or just you love the historical structures, there are many awesome castles around Manchester. They are medieval ruins and giant country estates which are still being used for living. However we would suggest you to visit Manchester with a companion to enlarge the pleasure of witnessing the nostalgic history of the city. Just in case you are available with any partner, you can always look up to Manchester escorts.

We have compiled a list of some great castles which are all within an hours drive of the region and can be visited on a nice sunny day.

Halton Castle, Runcorn: Halton Castle is placed on the peak of Halton Hill, Runcorn. It is knownfor the National Heritage List for The Great Britain as a Grade I listed building and a scheduled archaeological monument. Archaelogical department of England have put in a lot of effort to maintain this castle in shape even today, however it dilapidated.

It was the ruling castle of the Barons of Haltonright post tenth century till the fourteenth century and it then was taken over by the Duchy of Lancaster. It was invaded two times during the Civil War after which this monument ruined.

Today, the castle is almost broken except the courthouse which has been turned into a public house.

Beeston Castle, Cheshire: Beeston Castle is a once-upon-a-time Royal castle situated in Beeston, above the Cheshire Plain. Ranulf de Blondeville, 6th Earl of Chester, formed this castle in the 1220s by on his return from the Crusades.

It was held in good maintenance til the 16th century, after which it was thought to be of no further military use, however it was used by the army again in 1643, in course of the English Civil War.The castle was partly ruined in 1646, as a result of Cromwell’s destruction order, to prohibit its further adoption as a stronghold.

It is often said with whispering lips that treasury of Richard II lies somewhere in the castle grounds, but the many investigations that have been done to find it have failed to discover any trace of it.

The castle is totally dilapidated but the outer walls, and the inner walls and gatehouse are separately noted in the National Heritage List for England as Grade I listed buildings.

Manchester caters a great taste and affection and knowledge to every history enthusiast and heritage lover, and it’s not hard to guess why. And for their need of companionship while visiting these castles, there is Cheap Manchester Escort Service as well which is a premium escort providing firm of Manchester. Now even a beautiful companion… to talk and share … and to roam around places with … too is on the card. So come to Manchester this summer and dive naked into its diversity of history.