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WE like your bookings to run as smoothly and with as few complications as possible.

In order to avoid any disappointments please ALWAYS call us directly for short term bookings, either where you wish to meet an escort within the next hour or during the forthcoming 24 hours on 0771 475 1335 / 0771 475 1336

Where you are in a position to plan ahead and wish to make an appointment more than 24 hours in advance you may find it convenient to complete our online booking form below or to email us on

By calling us or emailing where applicable you are always only a moment away from your dream date anywhere in Manchester or the North West. If in doubt call our operators today to book, they are available between 6 pm and 6am and ready to take your call.

Our cheap escorts are available to anyone in Manchester with a low budget and you can be sure you will not find any other girls more lovely and skillful for such low prices anywhere else in town!

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